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Walking the GenesHello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Megan and I am very passionate about my family history and want to help you become passionate about yours.  I have been researching my ancestors off and on for over 20 years and am loving it more and more each year.   It is wonderful to do some detective work and find that elusive relative.


My Story

I have always been fascinated by my ancestors.  I believe it is because my dad’s family is in England and my mum’s family in Western Australia and I live in Queensland.  Whatever the reason, I have always wanted to know where my family came from.  On holidays to Perth I would question older relatives to find out our joint story.  I started out with the old pen and paper, trudging along to libraries and family history societies to find the information I was looking for.  Over the years I have amassed boxes and boxes of paper, documents and photos.

Many years ago my brother purchased me my first genealogical computer software program – The Master Genealogist (unfortuantley no longer available) – it opened up a whole new way of working on my tree.  I only needed to take a laptop and notebook with me.  Over the years with the advent of the internet I have had to venture out less often as the world of geneaolgy comes into my home.  I have a paper filing system as well as all documents and photos I have acquired being scanned onto my computer.

Unfortunately my children do not have this drive to find out where we came from and their eyes glass over when I start talking about it.  By developing this website I want to ensure that all my hard work is there for others to see.


Why a Website?

Unofficial Guide to Ancestry.com: How to Find Your Family History on the No.1 Genealogy WebsiteIt is definitely the thrill of the chase that gets me inspired and I want you to feel that too.  One of my great stories is finding my great great grandmother, Henney, who was proving elusive.  I had her married to Jonah Walker but I could not find a birth or marriage record for her.  I bit the bullet one day and sent off for a marriage certificate for Jonah Walker.  The only other name appearing for that date on the index was a Henry Foster – could this be Henney?  Low and behold when that certificate arrived I established the marriage index had her registered as Henry, so not the first same-sex marriage in the world after all!

I want to be able to offer you insights and tips to give you the skill set you require to trace your ancestors.  I want you to ask me questions on our journey together into the past.  I want you to feel the excitement when you finally discover the elusive relative or why someone disappeared from the family. Head over to my page Genealogy: An Introduction as a starting point.


Sharing My Passion

I have always wanted to publish my genealogical research to ensure it is there for future generations.  I also want to pass on the skills I have learned over the years and help others to gain a passion for this addictive hobby.  A website seemed the most logical way to do both as it can be done easily and with little cost.

You are probably wondering about the name for my blog – Walking the Genes – well with my surname being Walker I felt that it was the obvious choice for walking through my past.  Anyway enough from me for now.



All the best in your research journey!



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If you ever need a hand or have any questions I will be more than happy to help you out.
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12 thoughts on “About Megan

  1. I tried to get my dad to write his story but he never did. We have a very mixed background like you seem to do.

    On dad’s side we have Irish, English, Welsh, Cornish and Dutch at the least.

    On mum’s side we have Scottish and Australian, again at the least. The lines are blurred at my grandparents time. My gran on dad’s side decided to disown her and grandpa’s parents as they were little help when their four children were very young and gramps had Type 1 diabetes.

    I believe some cousins have managed to go back but now I have to find them. We are a far flung and not so much in contact family!

    I am going to return and read more of your articles.


    1. Hello Helen

      I’m glad you’ve found my site. It’s amazing where we find our roots when we take a look back. My dad is English and his heritage is English and so far I haven’t found anything else for him. Mum is Australia with Scottish, English and Welsh heritage. I love the thrill of finding a new connection. I have found distant cousins in the USA! Family estrangements do make it hard to find things out and we were estranged from my maternal grandfather and only in recent years have I found a connection to that side. Please come back to read more. I love that people are finding my site and enjoying the stories.

  2. Hey Megan. This is very interesting. I was told that my family actually has Turkish ancestry so it may be interesting for me to look into that because I’m not Turkish myself. I definitely don’t have the same persistence you have though when it comes to this matter so it may never be done.

    1. Hi Yusuf

      It is a fascinating hobby and I find the more you dig into it the more you become addicted. I really hope that you decide to look into your history and I’m here to help you if you have questions along the way.


    1. Hi Lane

      Researching your ancestry is very simple and I’m here to help you. First, sit down and write down what you know – your name, date of birth, then your siblings, your parents, your grandparents. Then go through all your documents and find birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates etc and ask to see your parents and grandparents. Before long you will have you stepping stone to further information. Then you can start building your family tree on a website such as Ancestry.com or Find My Past. If yo need any assistance please leave me a message.


  3. What a wonderful website! I never knew my family could be traced back so far. This is one of the most impressive, informative website I have ever been on. The WWII pictures of your family are wonderful. Thank you, Megan, for brightening up my evening!

    1. Hi Clay

      I am glad that you enjoyed my website. Please come back regularly for new stories and photos about my family as well as information to help you trace your ancestors.


  4. What a wonderful thing you’ve done here turning your passion into a business and at the same time connecting with people who have the same passion.! I don’t know where to start but it seems like this is a good place, I’m glad I found you thank you very much. I have so many questions but I think a look around first and gather my thoughts before I ask you anything. Talk to you soon.

    1. Welcome Syliva

      I hope you enjoy looking around my site. There is a variety of things to look out. I have posted a basic outline of my tree as well as surnames of interest to me. I have some small fictional stories about my family – Stories Under the Tree. There are factual stories – The Lives of the Tree, as well as resources to help you start your own tree. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


  5. Hi Megan

    Just a quick hello to say how much appreciate all the work you have done on the Brand family history and making it available on this website. I am also a descendant of George Brand, and the youngest son John. My parents still live in the area not far from the old homestead Ironbarks and I also grew up in the area, although now living in Canberra.

    1. Hello Paul
      So glad to meet you. It is always wonderful to hear from other descendants especially one as colourful as George Brand! It is amazing that your family still live in the area. Do you do genealogy as well?

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