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Trove – Australian Newspapers

What is Trove? Have you ever wondered where to source old Australian newspapers, journal articles, or maps?  Then Trove is your solution.  Trove is an online service provided by the National Library of Australia and is a real treasure trove of information for genealogists.  It contains many Australian resources from libraries, museums, and archives, for you to explore.  This repository…

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Search Gravestone Photographic Resource Project
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Gravestone Photographic Resource Project

One of the greatest resources for genealogists are cemeteries – a link to our past.  A headstone can tell us so much about our ancestors – names, dates, relatives, others buried in the same grave.  Ornate ones will show our ancestors had money, no headstone shows they didn’t.  The biggest problem, though, for many of us is accessing these headstones.…

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Pile of old photos - 19th Century Photographs Who is in the Photo
Photographs, Tips and Tricks

19th Century Photographs

  Finding a photo in your collection is always exciting, however, we don’t always know who is in the photo.  All of us would have photos in our collection that we are unable to identify.   This can be very frustrating.  If we are lucky enough our ancestors have written detailed information on the photo.  However, more often than not there…

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Book Reviews
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Book Review: Tracing Your Family History on the Internet

Tracing Your Family History on the Internet: A Guide for Family Historians     AUTHOR:  Chris Paton PUBLICATION DATE:  Second Edition 2013 ISBN: 9781783030569 GENRE:  Genealogy, Family History FORMAT: Paperback, eBook – Kindle NUMBER OF PAGES:  224 pages     The Author   Chris Paton, who is based in North Ayrshire, Scotland, is a professional genealogist who holds a Postgraduate…

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Genealogy Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas

Genealogy Gift Ideas

At some point, we have all had trouble finding gifts for someone.  Have you got an avid genealogist in your family?  Do you struggle with ideas as to what to buy them as a present? Read this post to find the perfect gift today.   There are a number of different websites that sell genealogy products.  Today I am going…

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The Lie Charles Newman Docks
Names of Interest, Stories Under the Tree

The Lie

“Charles,” a man came running up behind him, “I thought it was you.” “Sorry, you must have the wrong person,” Charles said, shrugging the man’s hand off his shoulder. “You caused a right ruckus in London when you didn’t return with us.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about mate.  I’m from Coventry,” Charles said trying hard to mask his…

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