Genealogy Software

Whether you decide to do your research on paper or computer there are always options.  Computer software will often allow you to create reports of your tree as well as search genealogy websites for hints for your tree.  Here I list links to websites that offer genealogy software.


  • Ancestral Quest 15 – this software offers hints from MyHeritage, FamilySearch, and Findmypast, however not the ability to sync with online trees.  Available for PC and Mac, however not Mac Sierra.
  • Brother’s Keeper 7.2 – this software appears to be best used as a stand-alone product i.e. as a computer program as it does not have connectivity to search for hints.  It is Available for PC only.
  • Family Historian 7 – this product comes in first on the review site I read about this product which states “Don’t be fooled by the dated interface – this family tree maker packs some serious tools.”  It also connects to Genealogy Search, Ancestry, and FamilySearch.  Available for PC only.
  • Family Tree Maker (FTM) 2019 – the current 2017 Edition is developed by Mackiev who took over the license for this product when Ancestry decided to no longer support the product.  Offers the ability to sync with your online tree as well as getting Ancestry tree hints.  Available for both PC and Mac.
  • Heredis – this software allows you to connect to FamilySearch and Ancestry.  There is also a free App available to take your tree on the road.  Available for PC and Mac.
  • Legacy Family Tree 9.0 – offers a number of versions in various languages as well as the ability to offer hints from Findmypast, Family Search, Genealogy Bank, Ancestry and My Heritage.  Available for PC only.
  • My Heritage – this software offer hints from Family Search.  Available for both PC and Mac.
  • Reunion 12 – this software connects to Genealogy Search, Ancestry, and FamilySearch to find matches for your research.  Available for both PC and Mac.
  • RootsMagic – this software also can connect you to FamilySearch and Ancestry for hints in your research. Available for both PC and Mac.


I personally only have experience with Family Tree Maker for Mac, however, there is a great review for Best Genealogy Software of 2023 on Top Ten Reviews.