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Genealogy Brick Wall Tips

Sometimes, no matter what you try, your ancestor remains elusive.  Genealogists call this hitting a brick wall.  Today I want to give you some Genealogy Brick Wall Tips to help you with that stumbling block in your research.  I have personally hit a number of brick walls in my research, and have had to stop to process it to establish…

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Object Biography – Patchwork Quilt

I have talked a number of times about the Diploma of Family History I am doing through the University of Tasmania.  One of the units I did was Place, Image, Object which discussed the idea of the meanings behind each of these for a genealogist.  The major assignment for this unit was to create an object biography that outlined the…

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Find My Past vs Ancestry

Today I am going to compare two highly popular genealogy websites – Find My Past vs Ancestry.  These sites allow users to conduct genealogical searches and access historical records in relation to their ancestry.  They require people to join, and whilst you can build your family tree and search for free in order to access the full records, you require…

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The Journey

As the ship made its way out of the River Thames, Isabella reflected on how they had got to this point.  She would never have voluntarily made this trip, however since the day George was transported she knew this is what they had to do. They had hoped he would be jailed in Scotland but given his previous conviction, the…

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The Sentence

The convict ship “Stag” departed England, bound for Fremantle, on the 27 January 1855.  George Brand was one of 85 convicts onboard.  George was 33 years old and did not consider himself a handsome man.  He had scraggly brown hair that was lightly balding, a sallow complexion with grey eyes and whilst quite tall at 5’ 8” he was a…

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A Convict Legacy

Over the past week, I have released the story of George Brand: A Convict Success Story.  If you missed this series, you can read about him at the following links.  For those of you who have already read them, I really hope you enjoyed hearing about George and the Australia convict system that he became a part of. If you…

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