Stories under the Tree


Many of us have stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Others have documents and photos on which to create a narrative.  In this topic, I will tell you stories of my ancestors.  Some will be family recollections and I hope to retell the story as accurately as possible.  Others will be based on imagination using available resources – birth, marriage, death certificates, newspaper articles, war records – to tell a story.  Weaving historical knowledge into a narrative about my ancestors.


I learned this skill in the Family History Diploma course I undertook.  We were given a number of themes to explore and it was up to me to find a fit for my stories.  Some of these are quite short as we were taught to be succinct in our narratives.  If you prefer a factual read then please enjoy The Lives of the Tree where I will detail research about my ancestors.  I hope you enjoy them!


Click on a link to read a fictional story of my ancestors


Upside Down – Brand Family

Chance Encounter – Brand and Walker Family

The Kalgoorlie Express – Bridges Family

The Letter – Matheson Family

The Dilemma – Newman Family

The Lie – Newman Family

The Police – Stokes Family

The Census Collector – Walker Family

The Epiphany – Walker Family