Canal lined with trees.
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The Suicide

As Henry hit the water its icy tentacles reached out to ensnare him. Drifting further and further into its murky depths he felt at peace for the first time in ages. “Quickly! We’ve got to find him. Someone run and get the constable,” yelled the man as he dove into the canal. Just as the police arrived he managed to…

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Bloxwich Cemetery Map

Bloxwich Cemetery

Bloxwich is a town located in Walsall in the West Midlands of England with a rich heritage and history. Historically it was contained within the county of Staffordshire but in 1974 it was moved into the newly formed West Midlands county.1 Bloxwich Cemetery is located in the heart of Bloxwich and is full of history serving as the final destination for…

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Waves in Time Genealogy Conference
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Waves in Time Conference

Over the weekend I attended the Waves in Time, Family and Local History Conference held in beautiful Caloundra.  I made a family weekend of it and rented a home through Airbnb with my children and their friends spending the days at the beach.  In the evenings we went out to eat at local restaurants.  It was a busy, but enjoyable…

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7 Killarney Street Yeronga Corley Explorer House Histories
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House Histories Seminar

On Saturday I attended a House Histories seminar hosted but the Brisbane History Group at State Library of Queensland.  It was an interesting and informative day of talks.  I have learned so much about researching houses in Brisbane.  I even came away with a book! Shhhh don’t tell my son.   Caylie Jeffery – Under the Lino Caylie talked about…

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Bletchley Park Grounds
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Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes

Have you ever seen the movie the Imitation Game?  Have you ever wondered how and where computing truly started?  Have you heard of Bletchley Park?  When we started planning our UK trip my computer nerd brother said to me, you need to go to Bletchley Park. It’s the birthplace of computing.  It sounded more like something he would find riveting.…

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Scottish Highlands
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Tracing Your Ancestors in the Scottish Highlands

Over the weekend I attended a seminar at the Genealogical Society of Queensland (GSQ) on Tracing Your Ancestors in the Scottish Highlands.  The presenter was   Graeme Mackenzie, a historian with a Masters Degree from the University of Cambridge.1  He is also the Chairman of the Association of Highland Clans and Societies (of Scotland) and a professional historian and genealogist…

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Black Country Living Museum Village Street
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Black Country Living Museum

Finally I am getting around to reviewing some of the great places we visited in the UK last September.  One of my absolute favourites was the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, Birmingham.  My cousin Helen took us for this day of adventure and it was amazing even with the rain that accompanied our trip. I cannot complain too much…

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