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Book Review: How to Get More Family Tree Time

How to Get More Family Tree Time AUTHOR:  Megan Gibson PUBLISHER: Words for You ISBN: 9780980835205 GENRE:  Genealogy, Family History FORMAT: Paperback NUMBER OF PAGES:  115 pages PUBLICATION DATE:  September 2010 The Author Megan Gibson is a freelance researcher who undertook research for the Australian ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Series.  She is also…

Pile of old photos - 19th Century Photographs Who is in the Photo

19th Century Photographs

Finding a photo in your collection is always exciting, however, we don’t always know who is in the photo.  All of us would have photos in our collection that we are unable to identify.   This can be very frustrating.  If we are lucky enough our ancestors have written detailed information on the photo.  However, more…

Organise Your Genealogy Research

How to Organise Your Genealogy Research

One of the most important things you should do is have a system to organise your genealogy research.  It is imperative that before you get too far into your family history research that you set up a good filing system.  If there is one thing you get in genealogy it is loads of documents in…

genealogy brick wall tips, genealogy brick wall solutions

Genealogy Brick Wall Tips

Sometimes, no matter what you try, your ancestor remains elusive.  Genealogists call this hitting a brick wall.  Today I want to give you some Genealogy Brick Wall Tips to help you with that stumbling block in your research.  I have personally hit a number of brick walls in my research, and have had to stop…

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