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Genealogy Brick Wall Tips

Sometimes, no matter what you try, your ancestor remains elusive.  Genealogists call this hitting a brick wall.  Today I want to give you some Genealogy Brick Wall Tips to help you with that stumbling block in your research.  I have personally hit a number of brick walls in my research, and have had to stop to process it to establish…

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Find My Past vs Ancestry

Today I am going to compare two highly popular genealogy websites – Find My Past vs Ancestry.  These sites allow users to conduct genealogical searches and access historical records in relation to their ancestry.  They require people to join, and whilst you can build your family tree and search for free in order to access the full records, you require…

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How to Find My Ancestors

  More than likely the reason you have found my site is that you are trying to find your ancestors.  After all, why would you search for a genealogy website if you didn’t want to know about your ancestors?  In many years of undertaking research, I have ancestors I have found with no problem and then others who, no matter…

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An Introduction to is a genealogy website that millions of people worldwide use to research their family history every day.  The site holds billions of records and continues to add more searchable content every day.  This means that just because you couldn’t find your ancestor last year there is always a possibility the record has been added since.  It’s just a…

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Genealogy Websites

The internet has been a boon for family historians by bringing the repositories, to a degree, to them.  This list is by no means exhaustive but I have aimed to bring you some very good starting points for your beginning research.  I will continue to add to these pages regularly so click on a link to find sites that will…

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Diploma of Family History

Over the past 15 months, I’ve been undertaking the University of Tasmania’s (UTAS) Diploma of Family History.   Having done my own research off and on for many years, I considered myself quite knowledgeable.  I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of this course.  I have been pleasantly surprised with the new knowledge I have gained from the…

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Genealogy: An Introduction

    Genealogy or family history, as it is often known, is the study of a person or family groups ancestors.  It is derived from a Greek word genea which means race or family, and logy which means the study of an area of interest, so genealogy means the study of race or family.  Genealogy has been around in some form or another since…

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Prisons and Convicts

  We are very lucky that some of the best records kept in history are in regards to people who broke the law.  Many records survive today and give us a wealth of information about our lawless ancestor.  Here are some websites that will help you to find them.         Australia Australian Convict Sites – a listing…

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Tips and Tricks

Click on a link to find a post or page relevant to you. An Introduction To Find My Past Vs Ancestry Genealogy: An Introduction Genealogy Brick Wall Tips Genealogy Websites How to Organise Your Genealogy Research How to Find My Ancestors