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Book Review: How to Get More Family Tree Time

How to Get More Family Tree Time

AUTHOR:  Megan Gibson

PUBLISHER: Words for You

ISBN: 9780980835205

GENRE:  Genealogy, Family History

FORMAT: Paperback

NUMBER OF PAGES:  115 pages

How to Get More Family Tree Time Megan GibsonPUBLICATION DATE:  September 2010


The Author

Megan Gibson is a freelance researcher who undertook research for the Australian ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Series.  She is also a published writer, editor for magazines, and guest speaker.  The skills she has acquired in these rolls led her to create her website Family Tree Time and write ‘How to Get More Family Tree Time – Tips for the Time Poor!’1



Book Synopsis

How to get more family tree time’ is a book for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to research their family tree. As a freelance researcher for episodes of the hit TV show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and other clients, Megan Gibson works fast and smart to build, explore and be fascinated by the family trees of famous and not so famous Australians. Now she shares her timesaving tips with you in this unique 3-books-in-1.2



Book Layout

Chapter 1 – Setting up (or reorganising) your Family Tree Time Headquarters (HQ) – Space, Time, and Systems 

Chapter 2 – Information Gathering – Unleash your Inner Timesaving Detective

Chapter 3 – Untangling the Web – The internet: make a potential time waster a timesaver

Chapter 4 – Getting ready to go out – Do your research before you do your research!

Chapter 5 – Getting out and about and back again – Move AWAY from the desk!

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Tips Index

‘Practical Time’ Index


Book Overview and Discussion

Who Do You Think You Are logo
Who Do Think You Area

‘How to Get More Family Tree Time’ is a great resource for the family historian.  Megan was a research for the Australian ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ television series.  This show has been running since 2008 and showcases family history of celebrities.

This short book offers 50 Tips to get more time to spend on your genealogy research.  It is broken into 5 chapters with 10 tips relevant to each chapter.

Megan provides links to resources on her Family Tree Time Website but many cannot be found and the site does not appear to have been updated since 2014.  However, I believe the book provides enough information for people to design their own forms or checklist to print out.




This book is a great read with some valuable to tips to manage your genealogy time.  Unfortunately, her website does not appear to have been updated since 2014 and after time spent researching I have been unable to establish why.  However, if you are able to source a copy of this book I know you will find some great tips.

Personally, I will be using a number of her tips to use my genealogy research time more productively.  This book may be small but is packed full of ideas of ways to build more time into your genealogy research.  It is available at many libraries around Australia that can be identified on the National Library of Australia Trove website.

Find some great websites that will help you build a better picture of your ancestors.  Do you have some tips on getting more time to spend on your genealogy research?  Share your ideas in the comments below.


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a. Wikipedia, ‘Who Do You Think You Are’,, Accessed 11 May 2018.



8 thoughts on “Book Review: How to Get More Family Tree Time

  1. Thank you for the honest review of this book. That is too bad about the corresponding website. Sounds like this would be a great resource for the family historians to find more efficient methods to put together the family tree. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Tara

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I agree it is sad that the website no longer appears to be updated. I hope in the future that it will be and the valuable resources mentioned in the book will be able to be found.


  2. Hi Megan
    I’ve always found genealogy a fascinating subject as my family is from all over the place (I think}.
    One distant cousin once took up the onerous task to unravel it all and following along it sounded fascinating. She then produced a family tree book with a lot of detailed history (and I would imagine some well researched theories) but I have never seen this book. I should try and locate a copy – especially as my recent roots are in Africa but we now live in New Zealand.
    I doubt your book would be relevant to my family unfortunately.
    Very interesting subject.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Lawrence

      This book would be relevant to anyone who does genealogy as it gives valuable time management tips to get more research time in. It would be great if you were able to source the book on your family tree! Let me know how you go.


  3. This is a subject that is like a thorn in my sock! I crave to have the time to explore it! I know my sister does too, she has sent me a couple of “find the grave” links that really got me going.
    I think this is a vital subject.
    Yep, I could buy this book!

    1. Hi Dianne

      So glad I was able to introduce you to it! I really hope it will give you some valuable tips – we could all use some more genealogy time.


  4. Thank you for the information about the book. I, too, agree it’s too bad the website is not up to date. My cousin that I recently found told me about an app called “We’re Related”. The app gets information pulled through it from I put only a few people on my tree in and everyday I have been getting a list of the famous people I am related to and I am absolutely amazed. With each person I am related to, the common ancestor is provided, then from there, the tree on my side of the family leading to me. It’s great because I can now see my relatives through my tree pretty far back now. I love that.


    1. Hi Yvette

      Yes I am sad the website is no longer updated, however, the book still has some great tips. I am so pleased you are finding out more about your ancestry.


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