52 Ancestors 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 1: Start

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 Challenge

I have come to the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge a bit later than most.  This challenge, designed by Amy Johnson Crow, encourages genealogists to write a post every week in 2018 based on their research.  The idea is you write a blog post about an ancestor based on the topic of the week.  I am endeavouring to catch up on the past two months of the challenge over the coming weeks. 


Week 1 – Start

I have previously blogged about My Genealogy Journey and the reasons I do genealogy.  I really can’t recall exactly when I became interested in genealogy but it has been a part of my life for well over 20 years.  I have always been fascinated by history and historical buildings and I think my love of genealogy is just an extension of this.


Mum as a young child on a family farm Western Australia
Mum as a young child on a family farm in Western Australia

The majority of my childhood and life was spent living on the opposite side of the world to my dad’s family in Staffordshire, England.  Then only three years after we moved to Western Australia to be near mum’s family, we moved to the opposite side of the country.


I always loved listening to stories mum and dad told me of their childhoods which were very different.  Dad would tell hilarious stories of his childhood during wartime in Staffordshire and the mischief he created.  Mum would regale us with tales growing up on various farms around Western Australia.


Over the years I have heard many stories from my Australian relatives on trips back to Western Australia but failed to write many of them down.  I am so sad that many of these stories have been lost as older relatives have died.  I created this blog to rectify some of these oversights and to share our family history with all.


So finally I have started on my 52 ancestors in 52 weeks journey.   Please join me on this journey and come back regularly to read about my ancestors.


Are you doing the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge?  

How did your genealogy journey start – leave a comment about your story.



4 thoughts on “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 1: Start

  1. Pretty interesting topic. I’m really thrilled to rea about your ancestor history. It’s pretty interesting that your roots go back to two different parts of the world.

    I would like to see Australia someday, it’s a great country to visit and I’m really curious about it. I would like to hear more about your stories.

    1. Hi Tyler

      I’m glad this story interested you.  There are so many more about my ancestors on my blog so be sure to check them out.  Australia is a great place and is so large that even, after living here for over 40 years, I still have only seen a small portion of it!  I hope you get here one day.



  2. Well Megan I think this is great what you are doing with finding out who your ancestors are. This must be very exciting to do and you can also call it work. I’ve looked at your ancestry tree and man you’ve got a lot of ancestors in other words you’ve done a lot of work. It must be pretty nice to see England and Australia.

    1. Hi Fred

      Thank you – I have been working on my tree on and off for about 25 years now. I love the thrill of the chase. I am very excited to be going to the UK later this year to see the places some of my ancestors came from and also catching up with cousins I haven’t seen in about 43 years!


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