Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Today I just want to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas.  At this time of year, we all take time out of our very busy lives to remember what is important to us – family, friends.  The time spent together allows us to recharge and reconnect with our loved ones.   Treasure them…

Orphan Picture, St. Catherine's Convalescent Home, Penn, Wolverhampton, Bennett Clark

Who is in the Photo?

A couple of months ago my mum found a box of old photos.  As the keeper of all things ancestral, she handed them over to me.  What a find!  There were many photos I had never seen before and mostly of my dad.  I had never seen photos of him as a child and the…

Diploma of Family History University of Tasmania

Diploma of Family History – University of Tasmania

I’ve written before about the Diploma of Family History that I have been undertaking at the University of Tasmania.  Well, today I lodged my last assignment to complete the course.  I have now successfully undertaken the required 8 units in order to receive my Diploma.  I have loved this course.  Even as a seasoned genealogist,…

Victorian Woman, Sad, Reflective

The Dilemma

Edith was distraught as she sat on her bed crying wondering what she was to do.  Her sister Mabel came over. “Whatever is the matter, Edith?” In between her sobs, she told Mabel her dilemma.  “I have done something stupid.  Mamma and Papa told me to stay away from that Charles Newman.  They told me…

Book Reviews

Book Review: Unofficial Guide to

Unofficial Guide to How to Find Your Family History on the No. 1 Genealogy Website AUTHOR:  Nancy Hendrickson PUBLICATION DATE:  18th November 2014, Updated 2016 ISBN: 9781440336263 GENRE:  Genealogy, Family History FORMAT: Paperback, eBook – Kindle and Kobo NUMBER OF PAGES:  256 pages I borrowed this as an eBook from my online library but…

Organise Your Genealogy Research

How to Organise Your Genealogy Research

One of the most important things you should do is have a system to organise your genealogy research.  It is imperative that before you get too far into your family history research that you set up a good filing system.  If there is one thing you get in genealogy it is loads of documents in…

genealogy brick wall tips, genealogy brick wall solutions

Genealogy Brick Wall Tips

Sometimes, no matter what you try, your ancestor remains elusive.  Genealogists call this hitting a brick wall.  Today I want to give you some Genealogy Brick Wall Tips to help you with that stumbling block in your research.  I have personally hit a number of brick walls in my research, and have had to stop…

Object Biography, Family History Quilt, Patchwork Quilt

Object Biography – Patchwork Quilt

I have talked a number of times about the Diploma of Family History I am doing through the University of Tasmania.  One of the units I did was Place, Image, Object which discussed the idea of the meanings behind each of these for a genealogist.  The major assignment for this unit was to create an object biography…

Poppy Remembrance Day Lest We Forget WWI

Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day

Today, being Remembrance Day, I felt it fitting to remember my ancestors who served in World War I.  The brave men and women who served in the first world war (and of course all subsequent wars) are to be remembered for their bravery and sacrifice.  The families at home need to be remembered as well….