Genealogy Gift Ideas

Genealogy Gift Ideas

At some point, we have all had trouble finding gifts for someone.  Have you got an avid genealogist in your family?  Do you struggle with ideas as to what to buy them as a present? Read this post to find the perfect gift today. There are a number of different websites that sell genealogy products….

The Lie Charles Newman Docks

The Lie

“Charles,” a man came running up behind him, “I thought it was you.” “Sorry, you must have the wrong person,” Charles said, shrugging the man’s hand off his shoulder. “You caused a right ruckus in London when you didn’t return with us.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about mate.  I’m from Coventry,” Charles said…

Family Tree Maker 2017 Review, Genealogy Software Family Tree Maker 2017

Family Tree Maker 2017 Review

As a genealogist, it is imperative to keep track of your research.  One way to keep track of research is by using a genealogy software (computer program), to create your family tree.  The joy of a software program is the ability to link information such as citations and photos to your tree.  I have been using…

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National Library of Australia

When conducting genealogy research, knowing where to find relevant information can sometimes be difficult.  This is where a library can be of great assistance.  The National Library of Australia (NLA) in Canberra is operated by the Library Council as per the National Library Act (1960).  The National Library of Australia first opened in 1901 and was…

Family History Holiday, The Jacobite Steam Train, The Hogwarts Express

Family History Holiday – Update 2

I felt it was time to update you on the progress of the planning for our Family History Holiday.  I am struggling with how to plan to see what I want to see.  The issue is that I have so many things I want to do that I’m not going to be able to do…

Skeleton in my closet, Charles Newman

The Skeleton In My Closet – Charles Newman

I expect that everyone has a family member that they are not allowed to talk about.  Whether that person was the black sheep and their name was to never be mentioned.  Or a specific characteristic, event, or action of a person that isn’t allowed to be discussed.  Some stories are kept hush hush and you…

Genealogy Search Engines, Internet and Genealogy

The World of Genealogy, It’s a Small World

These days with the internet I have discovered that in the world of genealogy, it’s a small world.   At the touch of a keyboard, you can be searching records from the other side of the world from the comfort of your couch.  Or chatting with a fellow genealogist who turns about to be a…

Loaf of Bread, Australian Convicts, George Brand, Larbert, Stirlingshire

All For a Loaf of Bread

On the first of March 1852, my third great grandfather George Brand was sentenced by the Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh, Scotland to 14 years transportation for theft. George lived in Larbert, Scotland with his wife Isabella and their four children. Life in rural Scotland would not have been easy, however, the opening of the Glasgow…

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Family History Holiday – Update 1

As I mentioned about a month ago I am wanting to do a Family History Holiday to the UK in 2018.  Well, last week I realised how close it is actually getting to when I intend to go.  I had done absolutely nothing about booking it so I started to seriously research.  I was asked…